Sep 10, 2008

From floor to barstool and loving it!

Three days without posting!! I didn't think that I could stay away from the computer that long, well, I have checked my e-mails and took a peek at my blog and that was it! No EC dropping nor blog hopping. I have been a bad gal, I know. Sorry folks! But this is for the good of the D and R household. A lot of things to get done and the fact that baby K is getting up almost twice every night didn't help at all. I needed to take a rest.

She is in her play pen right now, and protesting about it! Actually, I have put this collapsible wooden thing away for a long time and then, I have realized that I cannot do anything in the house. She is to be kept somewhere. So, it's back in the middle of the living room again with some of her stuff and a cushion. Enticing her to stay and enjoy her toys will not last long,that's for sure! Who would, if you can crawl freely around the house and stand between barstools. If you can fling papers and then put them in the mouth. If you can follow Nanay all around the house, stand up while holding on to her legs while she do the dishes? It's fun being free and "nah!!" and point fingers to just about anything.

But my ironing is piling up!! Somebody tell me how make her love her playpen,pls!!;)

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