Nov 3, 2008

Life in Lombard is settling a bit. My morning class is on it's 2nd month already while my German class is on it's first stage. I am so excited that I can say a phrase in german!lol Anyway, I have more or less adapted to my new routine which was not that easy at the beginning. This is why I wasn't able to post for a looong time.

I feel so bad that up to now we haven't decided about baby K's first birthday party. She will turn one on the 11th of this month. Honestly, I don't want to have a big one, just the kind where she would blow her candle, eat her carrot cake and have fun. I want everybody who are witness of her growth be there--and there are so many of them (talk about not having a big party!). So how to have a simple first birthday party? Gosh, I feel so awful!


Anonymous said...

it's so cool that you write again dear sister-in-law and I'm sure that you will find a solution for baby K's birthdayparty.
big kisses

Anonymous said...

Hello Myra,
Nice to have you back on the blog!
I love your pictures.
Why don't you organise her birthday aux Eaux-vives and make it in a canadian way?
Every body brings something so you don't have to much work and we are happy to see each other.
I would be very honored to borrow you my place.

Avec toute mon amitié