Dec 9, 2008

So long, le Père!!

My husband fondly called him Paps, and not very long ago he welcomed me to their family. I was a bit intimidated, oops, really intimidated when we first met--it was in my sister-in-law's wedding, but I guess it was just normal to have felt that way besides I am a terribly quiet person. Anyway, le Père( father) has been pleasant with me and when I first mentionned to hubby that the first hair cut of baby K should be done by someone intelligent(they say that the child will inherit the same trait from that person), he wanted his Paps to do that. And on that historical day, he was ready to do the job with loads of scissors beside him. He hadn't made up his mind which pair to use and then after choosing his instrument, with steady movement he begun to cut the hair of his youngest grandchild. It was an emotional moment for the whole family. Something we will always remember. Then, just a week ago we bid him goodbye, we have lost the pillar of the family, but in the front row, 7 of his legacy were present. Au revoir, le Père!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, my dear sister-in-law, for your testimony, and thank you for your sweet and quiet presence during these sad weeks when we saw le Père becoming more and more sick and then die.
I'm happy to have you in the family.


LOREN said...

Before your paps left, he did a memorable and significant moment with your his grand son. That's bitter sweet..

ipv6 said...

ahh that nice.