May 18, 2010

Monkey Business

This is a guest post of Ms.Yani, MBA student.

The following contains words not suitable for boring and no-sensa-humor workaholics, parental discretion is advised.

Do you hate your boss?
Coping with the corporate nightmare!

Clearly your answer is an astounding yes because you would not put your faces closer to your monitors and read this spectacular, tastefully written article, right?
If your answer is NO and you love your boss truly, madly, deeply--congratulations! You are one of the lucky ones on planet Earth or probably your boss is your spouse.
But for those who answered YES! Like they won the lottery and who thinks truly, madly, deeply are adjectives to describe the way to bury their bosses to the ground, this article is for you. Your resident how-to girl would give you some advice to cope with the corporate nightmare.

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Hate as they say is a very strong word. If we try to look it up in the dictionary just between halitosis and hippopotamus, it says hate is defined as an extreme dislike, loathe. Hating someone must come from an experience that a person swears severely abhorrent. The good news is it may be remedied by some interventions but first let’s first evaluate the reasons why you hate him so much that even his footsteps are like torture to you.

Case 1: I hate him because he picks on me all the time.
Darling, it’s obvious…You are his favorite. Then you say, “but among the 2, 872 people in the office I’m the one he points at all the time if he needs coffee, a ticket to Regine’s concert, even a manicure. Well then, we really might have a problem here. You don’t hate him, you just hate the tasks his giving you. You are a type A and you’re boss is a type P as in power tripping. His not giving you tasks that are fit to your skills and abilities thus underestimating what you can do which is obviously in your job description and specifications which in turn is really pissing you off.

Case 2: I hate him because he is a despicable loser.
You think you’re better than your boss, that’s what it is. Which could probably be true. But the fact is, he is the one you call boss. He is in the position which you are not in which may be a result of his level of performance, education and experience that you don’t have yet. Then you say, he just got out of prison, err, college and has no experience, he just have the same surname as the owner of the company but with a JR. on it. Okay, his dad is the CEO. Nevertheless, we are taught to respect authority and you probably hate that because you think he doesn’t deserve any amount of it.

Case 3: I hate him because I hate my self.
There’s something in your boss that reminds you of that person in the mirror you can’t just admit it. Self reflection. Need I say more?
Okay so maybe your reason was not given in the above scenario, too complicated to explain, or you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s just cool for you to hate someone. Anyway, for any problem there is a solution as the cliché goes and for your dilemma, here are some suggested remedies:

Yeah, yeah. You saw this probably on some funky girl’s t-shirt but it’s practically true. The less you appreciate him the more you hate him. The less you think positively about his behavior the more you give negative meaning to his actions. Take this scenario for example, he appears on the front door you greet him “Good morning, Sir”, with all your teeth shown out and he replies with..drumroll please: complete silence with crickets as sound effects. Do you hate him instantly, no, first you think ah maybe he didn’t get enough sleep or maybe he fought with his wife this morning. Then, think about the last time he smiled at you even that was ten years ago, wait, was that the person behind you? But even so think about anything any positive thing he has done for you or for the company. Hey, not everybody loves shrimp, maybe you hate shrimp, but there’s something in this sea creature that a lot of people love. Therefore, look for the shrimp in him, maybe he looks like one. APPRECIATE that.

If he has two legs, a head and a beating heart, he is a living creature and for crying out loud living creatures communicate. Even leaves rustle around when they feel something, honestly. Talk to him closed door, even if it means 20 days of waiting for an appointment. You need to release what’s bottled up inside. Tell him that how he treats you, degrades you and makes you less of a person and how it affects your work . But remember to talk to him civilly in a professional manner. Enough with the drama. Emotions should be set aside at this moment because you will not be able to clearly say what you really want. He may not understand you because of all the drool you’re producing. You wouldn’t want to waste all the time filing for that appointment. This is very crucial because you would know how he reacts after you talk to him. This reflects what kind of boss he really is apart from what you are seeing. If he takes all of these like a true leader, he may address your sentiments and apologize (which is very rare)and change the way he is treating you, then great. Thank him for his time and leave. But he may also laugh aloud like an FPJ contrabida for no apparent reason. If this happens leave, thank him for his time and file those unused VLs.

The cliché patience is a virtue works wonders. Always be calm and patient whenever he starts bursting out and screams his lungs out like Arnel Pineda. This torment would end eventually and will all lead to a case of acute laryngitis. If not ask for divine intervention who knows, he may be transferred to a new department and be replaced by someone better. Just make sure he doesn’t have an evil twin. If after a couple of years this doesn’t happen, then probably you’ve already finished your MBA degree and then you will end up being the boss eventually. Sounds good right, could you hear the background music? But don’t wait for a debris to fall on his head or wait for someone to eat a banana and leave the peel on his office floor. I know you’ve been secretly imagining these things during lunch break. Wait patiently.

Quitting doesn’t always mean that you are a loser. It sometimes mean that you are a brilliant person fed up with a situation that doesn’t favor you. If worse comes to worse and all our efforts have failed then, it’s about time you rethink your future and look for another job that you love, pays well and gets the best out of you. Life is too short to hang around with the wrong boss. Just don’t forget to leave a thank you note on his table and some thumbtacks on his chair.

Fellas, we are here studying, giving up our Saturdays to learn how to manage not only businesses, but people as well. Human behavior is keenly observed so that there wouldn’t be any conflicts in terms of realizing the ultimate goal of any organization. If we can’t handle pressure, difficult colleagues and bosses who are not leaders in the truest sense of the word, then how can we handle the meanest challenges and demands of the business world? I think it is all up to us to cope in any manner that we could, and I know you’ll all agree that we all have choices. In this case, either you look at it positively as a challenge releasing the best out of you or you take this seriously as a loser would, defeated, fallen, drained. Look, you have the most wicked boss but remember he has the best employee.


cupcake mommie said...

stopping by from SITS, have a wonderful day :)

Dhemz said...

very nice topic sis...I can't relate much on the situation...I had only 10 months of work experience in the PI...ehehehhe....

salamat sa dalaw!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I had a boss once who I could have sworn had crawled up from the deep abyss of the earth only to make my life miserable.

Then he got fired. Whew!

Anonymous said...

hi mayet, this is absolutely a nice & interesting topic...try to reflect on it and come out to a big realization...thanks for sharing.t'eve

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Mayet!

Greetings from Malaysia again! Just want to say thank you for dropping by my blog on my SITS day. You can read the aftermath of my whole day SITting episode at this link:

Thank you again and hope to see you back here sometime! :D

Warmest Regards,
Jenny aka I'm a full-time mummy

Btw, I love that line on 'quitting doesn't mean you're a loser'

Ria said...

Funny entry :) I can relate actually ;)

Ria C

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