Jan 2, 2011

The color of 2011

Honeysuckle--this,according to Panetone Color Institute is the color of 2011 and honestly, I didn't have any idea what honeysuckle was. As I search the web, images of flowers appeared and realized that my cousins and I used to play with the honeysuckle when we were little. There are,however, several colors:pink,orange and white honeysuckles. The pink is the one chosen for this year's color.

So as we ushered in the New Year, here are my girls, ready in their version of honeysuckle.

Any mother with toddlers will surely agree with me that taking pictures of them is not that easy.

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Blotspace said...

Honeysuckle? Ma research nga po. Ewan ko kung mer0n nyan sa pinas. Hapi new year po!

annalyn said...

is that the little flower that we suck and spat after getting all the taste? :)

Happy New Year Mayet, you should get yourself a gift for doing a good job last year :)

anney said...

Parang nilalaro din nga namin yang honeysuckle na yan nung araw. I'm not sure kung yan yung nilalarong "sumping" tawag namin. parang wrestling ng stamen tapos kung sino matanggalan nung pinaka ulo e syang talo. Happy New Year!! Supercute ng mga bata!

Nancy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, Mayet and leaving such a thoughtful comment.

Your little girls are adorable. I have three honeysuckle bushes -- two have white blooms and the other a coral color.

They are such a beautiful bush. Thanks for sharing that information. :)

Khay said...

Really cute kids! Aheee!

Naku.. i have no idea what honeysuckle is! xDD pero iyan nga din ata ang favorite kong paglaruan. xD i think recently lang, nakakita ako niyan. hihihi~!

happy new year po!

and thank you for visiting my blog. ^^ *hugs*

nora chou said...

thanks for helping me out!!

your daughter's are beautiful!

happy new year from london! wishing you all the best in switzerland!




Tita Beng said...

Hi Mayet! So honeysuckle is the color of 2011 huh?! I'm not familiar with the flower. Don't know if we have it here. They are beautiful but not as beautiful as your sweet li'l girls! Real cuties!

veroniz said...

yaay pink! i love pink. haven't seen a honeysuckle yet though. hehehe!

eden said...

Not familiar with the flowers. I didn't know that honeysuckle is the colour for 2011. thanks for this, I learn something today.

Your little girls are so cute. Nice pic.

Dressing Up For Me said...

Yours girls are so pretty! Honeysucke is like a shade of fuschia pink but lighter, I think. ;)

Ola said...

cute Girls!

supermommyjem said...

Happy New Year! Your kids looks so good in their honeysuckle color dress. I also wear a touch of honeysuckle colors pink to welcome the New Year.

Mona said...

they are cute .. Meron ba dito sa pnas ng honeysucke ngayon ko lang ata narinig hhehe

lina@happy family said...

Your girls are so cute...
Thanks for the info :)

Janelle said...

This is the 2nd time I've read about honeysuckle being the color this year. I think I need more pink in my wardrobe. Thanks for visiting my blog! It's nice to know someone from the Philippines (though not necessarily here) is actually reading my blog :)