Jan 25, 2011

Love that binds them together

They were supposed to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary(25th January) but their relationship didn't last long. Distance and other circumstances got in the way or perhaps theirs are not meant to be a happy ending. Their children are all grown up and have accepted the fact that their parents won't get old together. But the couple have raised their children well,there's no doubt about it. They might not be together anymore as husband and wife but their love for their children and grandchildren bind them together and no matter what they will always be our Itay and Mama.

Cheers to both of you!!

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Lainy said...

This is rather sad, Mayet. But it's OK. Things happen for a reason.

Thanks for your comment at my loveblog.

See yah!

thomas said...

Things like this does happen when people gets older but at least they still have something to bind them together,
i'm a good example.hah!hah!

Enchie said...

I guess, we all have our own stories about love and life. The grandchildren and the whole family brought magic, in order to keep a little spark for everyone to be happy.
Btw, thanks for visiting. Take care!

rich said...

Aww... the story is quite sad but still you managed to feel good for them. I think that's what matters. ;)

melandria said...

Hi, visiting you here today. Hope you can visit me sometime

Mommy Liz said...

Sometimes, the love fades, but it doesn't mean that they won't get along well. Their kids and grandkids are the bind that hold them together. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Yes... sometimes things don't happen as the way we want them to be... but God has His ways to mend broken heart and broken family all we have to do is to believe it will happen!!!It hurts yes ... but we have to accept it..And wait for the right time to come... that THEY'LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN.... just wait.. don't be tired to wait... it will happen...just believe!!!!!

Shawie Girl said...

hi,thanks for the visit to my site!you are right that sometimes things are not really meant to be..but it's the moving on and the acceptance that makes life more worthwhile...have a great day!!

Anastasia said...

That's sad. But I love that it's worked out for the best!

Ola said...

I do not know how it is happening- I am following you but I cannot see information on your current posts on my list, anyway, I will check myself:) Have a nice weekend

Dressing Up For Me said...

How sad but that´s how life is... I hope they´ll stay as friends though.

Dhemz said...

Thanks for sharing sis...it's quite sad, but you can never tell talaga...kalain mong almost 40 years na sana sila.

Ria said...

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You can visit my blog and send email to me by clicking on the "mail" tab.

Hope to hear from you very soon ;)

God Bless!
Ria C

inday_adin said...

I am sorry to hear that. It is sad, but it's a good thing that the love for the children and the grandchildren is still there. Happy Weekend, mommy Mayet!

Adin B

Christy said...

Dropped by~
That was a rather sad story ><

Ria said...

Hi Mayet,

Yup. I was the one who sent you the msg on paid posts. Are you interested? It's still subject to approval though but won't hurt to give your URL :)

Ria C

Anne Dumala said...

and their children love them too...

Paula (Eggshell Blue) said...

Sad but also lovely sentiments here Mayet. And thank you for your lovely comment :)

JO said...

so sad... hope they can still patch things up.

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

helen said...

sad nga... :-( but it's nice that you still remember them. i come from a broken home too; i don't even know their anniversary. hehe.

rjs mama said...

sad story but everything happens for a reason =)

hoping you can follow and link up if you haven't yet =)
online journal
my soltero baby

Anne said...

I hope they are both very happy.

renz bacani ginez said...

awh!! sad talaga..

Ida Nielsen said...

Sad but yet beautiful story. Cheers to good memories and new beginnings.