Jan 8, 2011

*Pinay all the way!

Everytime I've seen something Philippine made like this one, it makes me so proud because I do believe in the creativity and ingenuity of the Filipinos. Seeing a product "Made in the Philippines" here in Genève makes me proud to be a Pinay and though some have controversies attached to them I still think about those people who got involved in creating them--the hours,sweat and tears they've put into them cannot be denied.

Aside from the products, there are also people here who has Philippine(without s) as their name but my recent find which got me really giddy is this:

I have to ask Che about this one coz it came from Spain. A Pinay gave this to my daughter who was with my Mama to pacify her while in the bus. Apparently my daughter was so tired and was crying.:( Anyway, she became quiet afterwards and who wouldn't be.

*is a colloquial term for Filipina

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Yette Cruz said...

So true. I also feel proud when I hear that foreigners like our products.

But, what is your daughter holding? Btw, your daughter is so cute <3

Thanks for dropping by my site btw. Mind if we exchange links? :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

I never heard of that filipino chocolates.

i agree, your daughter is so cute

rome said...

cute baby!!!

Dressing Up For Me said...

Those chocolate cookies do come from Spain!hahaha!

In fact, it´s the hubs fave cookies. While we´re still bf/gf he usually jokes that he loves eating Filipinos and I said whaat?

It was only later when I learned that there are cookies here named as such. :)

Gizelle said...

It's nice to see a positive reaction regarding this chocolate...back when it first came out only protests where to be heard because the choco's description "dark outside and white inside" seem to be a reference to our color :)

well, we can't be negative always...hope your daughter enjoyed it! Have a lovely week ahead.

eden said...

Same here, I am so proud of our products. My hubby loves so much our (datu puti)vinegar for "sawsawan", mix with soy sauce, chili and onions.
We have lots of Filipino shops here but I haven't seen like that chocolate yet.
Your daughter is so cute.
Have a great week.

Yen said...

I am always proud of being Pinoy, specially when Filipinos excel in foreign country, Ganun talaga we should love our own, hehe. You have a pretty smart angel, pedeng pang komersyal nga ng chocolate.

Leo said...

Hi Ate Mayet. We've met already. I hope you still remember me. Madalas kami nila Tats and Fannie sa Alfonso, pero once pa lang ata tayo nagmeet. Happy New Year. I enjoyed reading, para na rin akong nasa Switzerland. :)

Keep posting.

Mona said...

first to know about the chocolate .. hope to taste it .. ganda ng model :)

lina@women's perspectives said...

Right or wrong, I always love my country...

Nielz said...

Ang cute cute ng anak mo Ate Mayet! And the Filipinos.. is it a chocolate bar? It looks yummy as well. :D

Buti pa ibang bansa, naa-appreciate tayo. Minsan, mismong pinoy, ayaw sa philippine made. look at our economy tuloy.

Kamila said...

Hi po!!! Kahit ako din po pag may nakikita na Filipino foods dito sa states..natutuwa lang ako na meron hahaha... tuturo ko agad sa nanay ko... that leads me to think nasan na yung dried mango na binili lang namin nung isang araw.. ahahaha... visiting po.... x)

iamclarizze said...

im a proud filipina but sad to say, 1st time i heard of that choco:(((

agree w/ u there's so many stuffs we, filipinos should be proud of, MABUHAY!

vixzana said...


inday_adin said...

That looks goody! :)

Adin B

Jona said...

haven't seen one like that here in the Philippines. buti pa sa Spain meron nyan hehe :D

A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Dhemz said...

oh my! masarap ba yan sis? never pa kasi akong nakakita nyan....:)

what a cutie!

carinamodella said...

wow! ang galing naman. i want to taste this, san kaya yan nabibili hehe

btw, thanks for being my top commenter, will include your blog name next time :)

alf said...

a chocolate named filipinos? cool!