Jun 1, 2011

Here it comes!

The swaying trees seem to enjoy the rain and the wind. They appear to battle it out with one another--hey, look at me. I'm sturdy. Nope, I'm sturdier than you! Oh, look here comes another wind! Hold on guys!!

This habit of staring outside our window makes me imagine things but I think it's better than spending my time on other things like Facebook,right? Anyway, this is not about Facebook or my imagination. This is about how thankful I am that it's raining despite the fact that the girls can't do anything other than put their toys all over the place. At least there would be more water in the river and that our garden soil would be easier to toil. Simple as that;)

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RyHeAnNe said...

You're right better than sitting in front of the computer and waiting for the virtual crops to grow (hehe), rain is a blessing :) Have a nice day too!

Cee said...

Yes, in other words, let's just look at the brighter side of things. :)

between 7 and 9 said...

Thank you for reminding me to count my blessings!! Have a lovely week.

I Love-Hate America by Bing said...

Rain is always a reminder of blessings. .....great that you're back blogging again.

anney said...

Dito tag ulan na at medyo lumamig na ang panahon.Nagpapasalamat pa rin ako kahit minsan di ka maklabas ng bahay o wala magawa kasi kakaiba ang init sa pinas nitong summer. Wag lang babagyo at ayaw ko naman bumaha.