Apr 24, 2011

An unusual encounter

How would you react if you came face to face with something you'd never imagine you'd see?

It was a good day to garden--sun was up, the girls were asleep and hay fever was not on today. As I was busy cutting the grass, imagining how my cherry tomatoes would be in a month or so, there it was, coiled lazily in the corner. As it turned to look at me, a sudden panick hit me and all I did was stopped and got up as fast as I could. Imagining that the snake was behind me I ran like crazy. Once inside the house and still trembling of that unusual encounter, I've waken my husband up and told him all about it. As we searched the internet,images of snakes appeared and I was enveloped with uneasiness but the only feature I could remember was it's yellow and black color.

Thinking that my knight in shining armour of a husband would come out with me holding an axe or something(sorry, if this sounds gross), I was kinda disappointed to find out that he was scared of snake(but who isn't, right?),nevertheless,we went to the garden---me leading my burly guy-- with a broomstick in his hand. We really can't have it all!

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lina@happy family said...

I'm scared of snake too...

Sorry for my late visit :)

Cee said...

haha thinking how your husband looked like when you told him about the snake makes me laugh. Thanks for sharing!

mikexplorer said...

nice site.. im following.. pinoy here.. ;)

nuts said...

that's alright if your knight disappointed you. lol. and who love snake btw? hihi. I'm scared too.