May 14, 2012


    Every human is an artist.
    The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.

-Miguel Angel Ruiz-

This was supposed to be a heart--see that blue contour in the middle? Then I changed my mind and painted flowers instead. This is the result of spending my afternoon with my daughter who likes to draw and paint.

I really don't draw so it's frustrating when your daughter ask you to draw a horse and see that questioning look. That bewilderment...a horse? So I stick to trees, mountains and flowers and the long line of rivers. I don't get that "look" but praises...and that's something coming from my 4 year old daughter. Yes, my first fan ever!!

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Marco | The Soul Explorer said...


nomad said...

nice blog

Abeg Oth said...

Thanks for sharing, it's really beautiful.

Dianne Khu said...

I like the colors of your painting. Would look good in a frame.:-)

roffe said...

Wonderful..I can't draw...

joy said...

One of your talents Mayet? Very nice:)