May 15, 2012


Here's my one year old kalamansi tree. I'm so impatient to see it bear fruits. Any tips about kalamansi growing?

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Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

wow, I can't grow anything unless it thrives by itself.
But my mom grows calamansi so I'll ask her if you want the next time we Skype =)

aian said...

one year old? hindi ko alam na kahit pala one year na siya eh ganyan pa rin kaliit ang kalamansi, nasanay lang siguro ako sa kalamansi sa likod namin :)))

lina@happy family said...

Hehehe, so sorry, it's my first time to see Kalamansi plant :)

Sam D. said...

Wow you envy me for having a calamansi plant. I wish I can plant one here too :)

joy said...

wow, meron ka nyan dyan? I hope I can have one here too:)

Michael said...

Can you trim that so it don't grow into a tree? I've seen something of that sort, probably belongs to the same family as your calamansi -- not that huge, barely 5 feet tall and it's got fruits all over. So cool.

Pearl said...

Im jealous! Where did you get the calamansi seedling? I bet you are keeping it inside the house during winter:-)
Maybe adding fertilizer would help to make it grow bigger and bear fruit. Is it summer in your place at this time too? Calamansi loves the sun!