Mar 30, 2017

Art on my table

 Growing up, I was fascinated how effortlessly she put her art together.  I called it art not as a painting or sculpture but her skill made it as such. She stitched her yarn with grace and facility that left me in awe. Seeing her work spread on the table like a trophy when I went to her home, not asking how she did it, I praised the intricate design she was making.
 I was and still is a silent fan. Then this week, I received a gift from her. One would think I overreacted but I cried. She didn’t know how from afar I wished to be as good as her, maybe she was the reason why I learned knitting. It was an easier path for me.
The desire to learn is still inside me. I imagine my table adorn with this immaculate and delicately stitched white cloth but there's a thousand things to do this year. So for now, I have this gift. Moving from my sofa to our dining table every day, a reminder of my Aunt’s artistry and a precious gift to cherish.

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