Sep 18, 2017

Lesson of Aesthetics on a rainy day in Vevey

Festival d'Avignon     05.07.2016

Vivaldi's Four Seasons started playing as she applied the hot wax on my skin. My timidity shifted to pride as my enthusiastic friend gasped with delight after seeing my underarm. Yes, my armpit! You see, I became a model for a day. That  rainy afternoon,  when a friend who at 45 boldly  decided to take a training course, gave me a glimpse of her future world.  The session was supposed to be quiet, my mind should drift from spring to summer but my enthusiasm has gotten the best of me. I questioned her about this and that; she explained the why and how of the universe I have tried to ignore until now.  She spoke about her colleagues whom she shared her afternoons of camaraderie and her future plans after completing her class.
Come October she will have her exam to become a certified Aesthetician and share her learning. I hope to be a witness of the day when she'd do her "magic"  to others. Though I guess,she'd share more than her expertise considering a great  part of her is in what she does. Her enthusiasm was evident in every gesture she made, from preparing her products to the motions on my face.
She finally did the "pyramid massage" after waxing my eyebrows and my so called "not too visible but needs to be waxed"mustache". I was explained that it was the cue when the session was about to end.
An  hour and a half has gone like that and honestly I wanted to just lay there with my white fluffy towels and let Vivaldi lead me to winter, waxed armpit and all.

Well some days, you can't have it all.

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