Jun 30, 2008

Bon anniversaire, mon amour!

My phone rang or so I thought, it was an alarm for a reminder--1st year anniversary.Oh!yes, first year. How time flies. Last year we've got married and signing another name after using my father's for a long, long time was weird. Some people would ask me, after weeks into married life, if things changed. At that time, I would say that nothing had changed, it felt like having my boyfriend around me everyday, having misunderstanding and then patching things up. Is it different after a year into marriage? Well, we still have misunderstanding, and now-- my ever present mood swings, his clutter, my desire to have our humble abode spic and span, his no-stress approach, my now attitude, etc.etc., and there's Karen. She made our lives a lot more different. Our priorities have changed, the apartment is turned upside down and as a couple,we are still learning our own "mode d'emploi" of marriage. So just like Karen who is making improvement everyday, our marriage is in progress--it's not bed of roses all the time but what the heck...this is real life and not soap opera. One year and counting... and as old folks back home oftenly said to a novice--"there's still a lot more rice to be eaten". Great... Please pass me the polenta,honey!

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