Mar 14, 2016

The joy of having fashionista friends

Shopping is an activity I have long- forgotten. Zara or H & M no longer exist in my vocabulary. This is why having friends come in so handy. They are genuinely eager to help. Only a Messenger away, they virtually accompanied me in my expedition to this long ignored adventure. Don't I trust my own judgement? Perhaps. Being conservative in some aspects, I always choose practicality and comfort. However my friends add an exciting ingredients to this exploit. They are the Desigual to my Benetton kind of thinking and the Vivienne  Westwood to my DKNY. And yes folks, I need their opinion on a Monday afternoon.
So after, several photos and a group conversation, I finally headed out of the shop. Thankful of the wintry air on my face.Glad that we can all go back to our normal lives.

Mar 13, 2016

Of paper dolls and drawing faces

Growing up, my free time was spent  making paper dolls and I was in awe of my Itay(father) who would draw women's faces with hair in a bun. I would copy him, tried to draw that pointed nose and well proportioned face. In vain. So my paper dolls wouldn't be as beautifully drawn like my father's. Nevertheless, my paper dolls and I have gone places, shared secrets and were inseparable.
Then, I eventually forgot about making paper dolls. Blame it to growing up but the love for crafting remains.
Lately that childish afternoon happiness, though deeply embedded in my being, was slowly trying to emerge. It seems that we have unfinished business or something. So I letting it resurface. Slowly but surely strengthening it. No more self-consciousness. Feeding it now with more love and attention.
I bet we'll go places again and meet lots of wonderful being. Can't wait to spread love and good vibes.

Mar 6, 2016

Of love and letting go

daffodil in the garden, Lancy2016

Love has given me the courage to do things I thought I was not capable of. To dare, get lost and eventually learn. 
Yet, love for me  is also sacrifice and patience. Family and friends. Letting go and rebirth. 
Forgiveness and understanding... That love is not  only an effort given to someone or the length of time spent together but rather knowing you have given a part of yourself to that special person and at that moment in time experienced a marvelous feeling of completeness. And when that feeling has already dissipated, it's either you turn love into a verb, making an effort to do it all over again or let go. Say goodbye. Cry. Feel the pain and disappointment.
But remember letting go would not mean ceasing to experience love but rather giving someone else the chance to love you. Just don't let that moment passes you by.


Mar 2, 2016

Writing again

There are times that words are hard to come by. Stubbornly locking themselves up in my brain. Coaxing them to come out is really a struggle. So, I stop. Try again. Sometimes give up and let them come out by their own free will. They may,eventually but most of the time, they stay where they are. Oblivious to my inner battle. Resisting the plea of their empress.This sounds so dramatic, one might say...
For someone who prefers to express herself in writing,to that person who feels lost in the sea of unfamiliar faces, to the introvert one who wants to express herself and  come out of her shell.  FOR ME, it is. 
This is why I am here again.  Lovingly recreating my field so that those words which I can still seize will eventually pull their "cousins" like a magnet. Indeed, I am patiently waiting.