Sep 18, 2017

Lesson of Aesthetics on a rainy day in Vevey

Festival d'Avignon     05.07.2016

Vivaldi's Four Seasons started playing as she applied the hot wax on my skin. My timidity shifted to pride as my enthusiastic friend gasped with delight after seeing my underarm. Yes, my armpit! You see, I became a model for a day. That  rainy afternoon,  when a friend who at 45 boldly  decided to take a training course, gave me a glimpse of her future world.  The session was supposed to be quiet, my mind should drift from spring to summer but my enthusiasm has gotten the best of me. I questioned her about this and that; she explained the why and how of the universe I have tried to ignore until now.  She spoke about her colleagues whom she shared her afternoons of camaraderie and her future plans after completing her class.
Come October she will have her exam to become a certified Aesthetician and share her learning. I hope to be a witness of the day when she'd do her "magic"  to others. Though I guess,she'd share more than her expertise considering a great  part of her is in what she does. Her enthusiasm was evident in every gesture she made, from preparing her products to the motions on my face.
She finally did the "pyramid massage" after waxing my eyebrows and my so called "not too visible but needs to be waxed"mustache". I was explained that it was the cue when the session was about to end.
An  hour and a half has gone like that and honestly I wanted to just lay there with my white fluffy towels and let Vivaldi lead me to winter, waxed armpit and all.

Well some days, you can't have it all.

Sep 15, 2017

Tram and Coffee

Repose by Picasso
 MoMa, New York 

Scrutinizing myself just before the tram door opens, I am hoping for a Korina Sanches Roxas look in the Kho-Belo wedding reception in the Opéra Garnier. The disheveled look- thanks to the wind, I am expecting do not exactly match. Once seated, my mind debated to either nap or tinker with my phone. I am aiming for a productive 15 minute tram ride to the city. I kept my eyes closed and felt my aching back while thinking of other stuff. Like the 5 job applications I made this week, the venue of my daughter's birthday, why I didn't bring my own coffee and that Kayla Itsines BBG program I have yet to complete.
My mind would not rest, thankfully it is quiet except for the squeaking sound of the tram as it turns and heads to Gare Cornavin. There is this lady on the phone behind me with her purring voice, talking about the January plane ticket which is quite expensive (British accent- I love it!)  I hope that the male on the other end can convince her to fly with him. Aside from that conversation, there's no phone ringing or loud chit-chat. Everyone's subdued, head down to their phone. It's only past 8h in the morning and my surrounding mirrors my need for coffee.
I look outside and adjusted my sunglasses over my head. Seems like I am overly ecstatic about the weather. The tram slows down and stops.
Making my way thru the crowd, I silently utter my gratitude for this day when right before me a queue appeared. Coffee is being offered at  Mövenpick stand. Yes!! It will be a great decaffeinated coffee kind of day.

Sep 9, 2017

5 reasons of Summer in Verbier

August in La Pineta

Summer in Verbier will always be my family's favorite time. Here are some of the reasons why:

 1. Family, friends and Swiss National Day
 August in Verbier is not complete without our family and friends. We have seen our children from quietly sitting on the baby relax by the fire place to hiking, from tantrums to playing
Mille Bornes and sleeping in the tent under the moonlight.
Spending the Swiss National Day in Verbier is extra special because we got to enjoy the fireworks of the village and have our own (thanks to the Bosc) in front of the chalet amidst the shrieking children and adults alike.

 I have yet to memorize all the mountains we have in front of the chalet. Nevetheless, seeing them green with the blue sky, the clouds scattered all around all the while drinking coffee as the sun comes out with the birds chirping and kids sound asleep is just something a parent has to experience in La Pineta. Besides, it's our vacations as well, right?

3.Chanterelles or blueberries?
This year we turned pro in chanterelles foraging. A golden mushroom which used to be "elusive" has become our favorite mushroom along  with the bolets. We love them with cream,in our omelette or simply with olive oil and some shave of cheese. The love of blueberries, however, has been passed to the younger generation and I decided not to stress so much about the violet stain in my daughters' clothes or mine but enjoy the moment - the laughter, that instant when the children were so engrossed in picking up this tiny but precious violet wild berry and then the silence that followed which somehow bind our precious children together.

4. Piscine
We were sad about the fire that destroy the indoor piscine but fortunately we were able to enjoy the outdoor facility. Our afternoons were mostly spent here while the others did the grocery shopping. Oh yes, we are multi taskers and adulting at 1600 meters. So proud of us!

5.Camping out
First time this summer and the kids loved it. Giddy to the max. No Dahu story this time which made them sleep well outside the chalet.
We hope that more glorious weather would accompany their camping. Thanks to this wonderful family from canton Vaud for the tent. 

It is drizzling while I write this, which made me miss our summer in Verbier more. 
We will surely come back, along with the whole gang, new walking shoes and Swiss knives.
Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Mar 30, 2017

Art on my table

 Growing up, I was fascinated how effortlessly she put her art together.  I called it art not as a painting or sculpture but her skill made it as such. She stitched her yarn with grace and facility that left me in awe. Seeing her work spread on the table like a trophy when I went to her home, not asking how she did it, I praised the intricate design she was making.
 I was and still is a silent fan. Then this week, I received a gift from her. One would think I overreacted but I cried. She didn’t know how from afar I wished to be as good as her, maybe she was the reason why I learned knitting. It was an easier path for me.
The desire to learn is still inside me. I imagine my table adorn with this immaculate and delicately stitched white cloth but there's a thousand things to do this year. So for now, I have this gift. Moving from my sofa to our dining table every day, a reminder of my Aunt’s artistry and a precious gift to cherish.