Jun 21, 2008

Toxic chemical in feeding bottles

Early afternoon: I was feeding Karen and zapping at the same time when my attention was caught by a reportage in ABE shown at TV5. They were talking about the test on feeding bottles containing Bisphenol A. They tested several plastic feeding bottles and the one my daughter is using was no.1 in their list. This worried me so much and the rest of my afternoon was spent trying to find glass feeding bottles. My first stop was Orchestra--nada, then off to Autour de Bébé, and there, I was told that after the reportage was shown last June 10,they ran out of stock and though it was unbelievably hot, away I went to another store. At last in Aubert, there were still two glass feeding bottles left on the shelf and I sighed with relief. I have thrown away my plastic feeding bottles but kept the rings and the nipples, hoping that I can replace them with glass.
During my milk pumping days :) we bought the Medela paraphernalias minus the nipples,so now all I have to do is order them.Medela's bottles are said to be Bisphenol-free.
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