Jun 7, 2008

Euro 2008

The Jet d'Eau, situated in Lake Geneva has also dressed up for the Euro 2008. Despite the gloomy weather there were a great number of Turkish and Portuguese fans that came to see their national team play today at 20h45 at the Stade de Genève. The Suisse national team will be playing against the Czech Republic in Bâle at 18h. I am not really a football fan, but seeing those enthusiastic people in the street with their team's paraphernalia was really amusing. While police hovered around, one supporter would start shouting his country's name --soon others would follow, then it was the opponent's fans turn and it just went on and on and on. The street became so alive with excitement, people started to smile, the gray surrounding suddenly looked so vibrant---it's just wonderful!! I love football!! Wait!! I think I have just seen a Ronaldo(#17-Portugese player) look-a-like! Again--I -am--not---a fan!! ; ) I repeat....

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zem said...

Hello my beautifull sister-in-law!
I was in the center of the town this afternoon too.
Seeing smiling baby boys and girls (not more than 4 years old) with flags drawn on their cheeks made me laugh, seeing all the bars and restaurants finally full made me happy.
For some weeks our town is going to be alive!!

Your blog is very nice, congratulations