Jul 2, 2008

The Iron Chef speaks out!!!

This post was written by a guest blogger. I have been working as a private domestic for a permanent representative of a small but humble state to the UN for almost 10 yrs now and am fortunate because my work place is just across the street from the Palais Eynard (mayor's office) and a couple of steps to Parc Bastion and a stone throw distance to the Place de Bourg du Four where Palais the Justice and Police station are situated. For many years now I have been a part of this small but lovely neighborhood, exchanges "bonjour" or hello with a smile, as most of us do here, with the people I meet in the street and witnessed the changes of the area. All those cultural manifestations, sporting events and summer festivals even those lovely sunny days at the park where peole relax and enjoy the greens and shades of a hot summer day --these enhances the lively ambiance of the neighborhood. Then came the building renovation last year. In just 12 months, there were about 4 buildings renovated one after another.My concern is not the noise, neither the dust nor the traffic but those people born with handicap. I have witnessed a good amount of them,some with a guide dog,others with just a walking stick going to the library. The Braille library is situated just under the huge renovation project, the only place where the blinds come to get reading materials. The pavement between the Croix Rouge bus stop and the Braille library had been their path for many years but with the scaffoldings and barriers for construction, this has become a major and dangerous obstacle to many of them. The other day I have witnessed a blind lady lost under the constuction,struggling so hard to find her way out of this labyrinth,completely lost between construction site and the badly parked vehicles. I felt anger and my eyes got wet seeing a helpless person in such a distress. I immediately offered my assistance and took her by the hand, walking her to the bus stop. Seeing the smile and the relief from the lady, I felt disappointment and so enraged that she has to go through such a mess. I simply hope that someone realized the difficulty they are going through. We can do something...but alone I can't other than to speak out and share my thoughts.

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