Jun 14, 2008

Karen's first Independence Day celebration

Here in Genève we have celebrated the 110th Independence Day of the Philippines last Saturday(June 14).The very first for my daughter. Having skipped the previous celebrations, I have proudly worn my team Manila shirt to make up for my absences ;). It was an exciting day for me as a mother because it felt like giving her a special gift. By being there,I hope to imbibe in her the love for the Philippines-it's history and the heroes who fought for the independence of our country.I'd like to show her that even in a foreign land,Filipinos have a sense of community. I want to let her know that she belongs to a country of great people.
"One Nation,One Community,One Spirit"
We came half way through the celebration.(with good excuse!)There were several lined up food stalls from various groups and mini tiangge.I have taken several brochures from the stall of Philippine Mission and yes...I know that Papa Piolo is coming soon!The afternoon was fired up by different presentations which featured the versatility of the talented Filipinos. Though they all performed well,I was in awed to see natural ability of our younger generation. Ms.Jones,H.E. Ambassador Falcon and H.E. Ambassador Basilio This year's celebration was organized by Ugnayang Bayan. More photos

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Alphonso said...

By the way where can we get halo-halo in Geneva?