Jun 7, 2008

Blahhh, blahhh!!!

My friend and I set a play date for our daughters coz we both agree that it is very important for the two girls to get together as we are both keen for them to speak Tagalog. I think that this is a key role in forging their relationship. These two girls were both born in November--9 days apart. At 7 months old, it's great to see them try new things and "talk" to each other. We fondly call them "kape't gatas (café and milk). See those identical pj's?? Aside from talking to Karen in Tagalog, I also sing and recite the rhymes. Having a limited list, I sometimes ran out of songs and rhymes. But while visiting my family back home, my nephews and niece added one to my list. Do you know Tagalog rhymes and baby songs? Please don't hesitate to share yours. I'm sure a lot of Nanays out there will be happy to add them to their repertoire.

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