Jun 5, 2008

My life as a Nanay

Friends asked me why I wanted to be called Nanay instead of Mommy,Mama or Mamman. Even my husband resisted to calling me that way. Bakit nga ba? First, I really love its sound, listening to someone calls you Nanay is like being transported back to one's childhood-reading Doon po sa amin. ; ) Secondly, I had called my grandmothers Nanay and these two women inspired me a lot. They had brought up their children with so much courage and love and somehow teaching my daughter Karen to call me Nanay is like instilling into her the unconditional love that my two Nanays had given their families. Lastly, I am talking to her in Tagalog (while my husband in french) and for me Nanay is the most appropriate term she can use to call me. I can't wait to hear her first word.

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