Jun 19, 2008

Summer at last!

It seems that summer is here at last. After days of rain and gloomy weather,sun is shining.
Flowers are blooming.They are sight to behold.
I'd like to jump for joy but my hay fever is getting in the way. For sometime now my only shield are my eyeglasses with light green lenses.It somehow protect my eyes from the pollen but aside from that I still have itchy nose and throat and I sneeze a lot. I was prescribed eye drops and anti histamine tablets but didn't take the latter because I am still nursing Karen. I still can't bring myself to follow my doctor's advice,that what he prescribed will not affect my child. Sorry doc. Call me bullheaded but I don't take medicines that easily.My aversion from taking medication go back a long way and it won't be easy to change all that now. My only wish is that my daughter will not have this allergy.

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