Jul 13, 2008

Bye,bye Rapunzel!!

To cut or not to cut really short that is the question... I have got tired of my long hair and so decided to cut them really short--way to short. In my mind there are more important things to do, alright, I can say that because of Karen I don't want to spend so much time doing my hair or say that I am just plain lazy. Let's pick the latter. I am not really into blow drying then ironing them flat for a straighter hair. I just don't want to go through all these routine. So the ceramic hair iron that my mother gave me is now tucked in my drawer. Hair brushes of all sorts now lodge under the sink. I have bid them goodbye and didn't look back just a triumphant smile knowing that I will no longer need them. Starting today, this gooey substance in a green tube is my new ally. Will this last? Maybe...The most important thing is I feel great.

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