Jul 15, 2008

Chaotic no more!!

While I was pregnant, the entrance to our apartment became my husband's hang-out!! , he started using that area to smoke and to read at the same time. So the entrance would be filled with lots of reading materials and passing through that would always be a challenge. That would be an exaggeration, but it's true. I don't like seeing the mess. Newspapers, cigarette butts, tons of lighters. Wanting to have our entrance clean and in order, my quest to get a cheap magazine rack started. I have scoured second hand shops but didn't find any. So I have waited...and just this morning while going home from the market I have seen this wooden box together with other objects to be thrown away. Lucky me the garbage truck hasn't arrived yet!! I should have taken the "before" state of his "sanctuary", but anyway I am contented that it looks better this time. Adding a pot of plant made the difference.


Anonymous said...

Hello dear sister in law,
I love having a look at your blog not only for the text but your pictures are also beautifull.
Thank you!


Mayet said...

salut Zem!!
merci beaucoup for dropping by.