Jul 23, 2008

Saturday outing and my CSS image gallery

Finally, after lots of frustrations and sleepless nights I was able to put together a picture gallery. Do you know that I even dreamnt of this CSS Image Gallery? That's how crazy and impatient I was.This all started when I was looking for CSS tutorial and I stumbled upon Mr.McCartney's blog. He has this picture gallery and I was intrigued on how he did it. In his blog he mentionned Narrowband who created a wonderful image gallery based on Dynamic Drive. Then I tried to follow Narrowband's tips. Mr. McCartney also gave me pointers in making this gallery.I also learned few tricks from Vin while browsing through the blogger help forum.There are still some more things to be done but I am happy on the way this turned out. So these pictures were taken during the fête de la tomate in Carouge last week where in different varieties of tomatoes were shown to the public together with other food stand. We have tasted varieties of tomatoes and other products from local producers. There were also pony rides, animals, an expo of tractors from the 1940's and some other crafts. Karen was so excited riding the small train to get there. It was an enjoyable weekend en famille. Thanks Papa!!


Peter said...

Hi and Well Done! Looks fantastic! Time to catch up on some sleep!

Take Care,

Mayet said...

Thanks a lot.You're right I need to rest, but it's all worth it.