Jul 6, 2008

Earn thru payperpost

It was just recently when I have found out that someone can earn money by blogging. In every mom's blog I have visited they talked about earning while writing about the things they like and I was like--really???!! This got me curious but didn't do anything yet because I thought that my blog is so new. However, being a stay-at-home Nanay gave me an ample time to learn more about blogging. I was really excited about writing and the whole prospect of earning while at home. Then I learned about payperpost. This is where one can easily earn money by just blogging. How neat is that!!! Having read how ppp helped a lot of people in their everyday lives inspired me to try this. If others can gain something positive from this why not me, right? Anyway, let's see where this whole experience will lead me. I will keep you all posted. So if you are--thinking of having your own blog or already have a blog and wants to gain something from it don't hesitate to learn more about ppp, just visit their site-payperpostand look at the blogsphere in another perspective.


The Glamorous WAHM said...

Hi There! I popped over from mom blogs. Your baby is absolutley beautiful! I am a member of pay per post also. I haven't done anything yet but, seeing your post has given me motivation! God gless!

The Glamorous WAHM said...

I'm glad they accepted your post! How long did it take them? Well good luck and keep me posted on how everything is going.

thess said...

Oh wow! I wish you great 'opportunities' ...have fun w/ PPP!