Jul 21, 2008

My loving chef

Boy, I am really gaining weight. It's my husband's fault. He loves cooking and can concoct just about anything. I, on the other, would sometimes try to prepare him pansit, salad or bake a cake. Generally, he is the one who cooks dinner, which is not a good idea because I would end up with so many things to wash(poor me!). But comparing to what he has prepared, it's nothing. My all time favorite is risotto with different sorts of mushroom, followed by pasta and sauce of the moment. This could be pesto, or salmon or just about anything he found in the fridge. His grilled chicken is the best, he would marinate it for about 1/2 hour and cook with potatoes underneath. Not to forget his lasagna con spinaci with bolognese sauce. Curry (vegs or meat) is also in my list, we usually eat it with chapati. He learned to prepare the latter from our friend, Kailash. For a long time, he tried to persuade me to eat polenta, but I just can't. The other day, he cooked it with tuna and lemon and it was wonderful. I'm a big fan of pizza esp. thin crust. He would prepare the dough at mid-day and in the evening that is ready to be cooked with different flavors--spinach, feta cheese, pepperoni, artichoke, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, ham, chorizo...Ummm....Guess, I need to stop here. I am getting so hungry, how about you?

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