Jul 8, 2008

Stop!! Mother at work

There are days that I don't know where to start--the bathroom or Karen's room, or should I just sit and talk to my sister. Oh! and there is the laundry to be dried. Well, I am not really complaining ; ) and we don't have a big apartment, it's just that sometimes I feel there's a lot to do but so little time. If I can just stretch my day and finish my priority list, but it's the list that has been stretched all through the week. Yes! I am a list maker. One can find it on the used envelope, on my post-it, and the back of every used papers in the house. I like the thought of being organized and putting it into writing, even a simple thing. Seeing the red mark on the paper just lift up my mood, wow! another one accomplished. This will surely be repeated the following week and I have to add another to-do chores again but the most important thing is that I have done one thing from my list. Now I can relax, have a cup of tea, and yes--revise my priority.

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