Jul 30, 2008

Wednesday To Do List

I am starting my day quite early today coz there are so many things to accomplish.
  • send e-mail to friends for Karen's contest--this is just for fun but I have been campaigning like mad.
  • check the newspaper in the library for job offer--still searching for work.
  • buy a new tube for my Hoover--found the shop which sells Hoover accessories and I want to go there this morning.
  • get the bed and baby's clothes from my friend--she has set aside these things for Karen and we'll drive to her place later this afternoon.
  • pass by the pediatrician's to get Karen's prescription--we are going to Prague this weekend and my baby needs another cream.
  • finish my ironing and laundry--I hope that this can be done tonight.
  • pass by Migros --I was in a hurry putting the groceries in my backpack that I have forgotten my mozarella.
This is it! So I'm off now to start my day.

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