Aug 25, 2008

Back to School!!

I thought I would never hear their noise again, but it was all in my dreams : ) Maybe I just missed them that's why this morning I have asked my husband if it isn't the first day of school. Looking outside he saw that they are already in their rooms. Yes, there is a school just in front of our window and I am talking about the children whose noise were absent for almost two months. Now they are back and at exactly 10am this morning, I have the proof of that! The laughter, the screaming and the excitement in their voices, I can clearly hear! Well, I can always close the window anyway, it's getting cold now. Welcome back, boys and girls, I hope you will have a great time in school!


Meg said...

Thank you! I now have 3 columns! Youre the best!

Miss Elle said...

nakaka-miss na tuloy ang school. hehehe. gets ko ibig mo sabihin mommy mayet coz our house sa province tapat din ng isang school that you can hear them singing, laughing... their noise especially pag hapon. hehe :)