Aug 21, 2008

My hurried morning

For the first time in many years, I have started my day with a mug of coffee. I really need some boost after a long evening with baby K. She is teething and at the same time has colds and face with so many chores to be done, I thought coffee would be a great ally for today. My daughter is sleeping soundly and hopefully before she wakes up, my work is finish. So, I thought that 1 hr in front of the computer is enough this morning. That would mean no visit to the sites I usually read, anyway, there is still tomorrow, right?


Urban School Teacher said...

I start every morning and end every meal with a cup of coffee- I love the taste of it. It used to be a cup and a cigarette, so now I don't feel too bad about drowning myself in caffeine.

motherof3 said...

i remember when my youngest was teething... tough times... it sounds like you're dealing with it better than i ever did...

thanks for posting!