Aug 17, 2008

Getting back into shape

It's not that easy to lose weight. The road is long and one really needs to be persistent. A month ago, I have written a post about my need to get back into shape. I am still doing something about it, but not weighing myself up until now. My problem area is my belly. This all begun when I was pregnant--thinking that I could eat whatever I wanted and could get away with it. But getting back to my old self after giving birth was the hardest part. The urgency to get to my old clothes didn't present itself until last month. So now, I am slowly trying to do something about it. Really thankful this time that we live in the last floor of a 5 floor-apartment building without a lift. Walking up and down is one of my exercises. It is not easy with a baby in your arm, and honestly there are times that I complain but I manage. Thru blog hopping I have read two amazing stories about women who decided to lose weight and have reached their goal. They gave me encouragement to do the same. Check their stories here and be inspired.

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