Aug 18, 2008

Moi the lioness

I just can't help but add another post today!! The reason? I am turning 38 tomorrow and this is really a big deal for me. 38 years old!! Can you imagine that? I can still remember when I was 24 and thinking of things that I wanted to accomplish in 6 years. Now, 14 years have gone by and here I am--trying to figure out what happened all these years. Well, let's see--came to Genève, left, then came back again. Put up a business...failed...financially challenged after, slowly but will surely be back on my feet and not forgetting my lesson--choose wisely whom to trust. Oh! yes there was my wedding and I had a baby. Fast forward to August. When this month started, I have felt that something was wrong. Even my milk supply diminished. Tired most of the time. Angry for no apparent reason. I thought that I was having a depression. Then family and friends started asking me about how I wanted to celebrate my birthday. I refused to have one. All I want is to be quiet and reflect about my life. ; ) Was I having an existential dilemma? Was it the pill? Anyway, this drama just ended two days ago. I guess, this melancholic feeling got tired of camping into my being and just decided to leave and let me be. Well, it's about time right! Shame on them! Now here I am, ready to welcome the bounty that the universe has for me! Oops-will need a big basket for that.

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