Sep 3, 2008

Moi..the dropper!

Here's what I see in my EntreCard description.
    Drop rank- A dedicated dropper with a hint of addiction.
I could not help but be amazed, but this might be true- coz I found myself dropping EC more frequently but I have yet to make 300 drops. Alright, I admit--I am an EC dropper addict; ) How about you? What's your drop ranking?


Jean Marie said...

Kudos to you, sistah! I did dropped 300 EC before--JUST ONCE! Whew! My eyes were so tired after that. I even made a post on my blog about it... Congrats to you! Keep up the good work!

Nanaybelen said...

thanks sis, for your prayer to my son. because of your powerful prayers, within 3 hours my son's diagnosis twisted to salivary gland stone. that stone pop-up from the lesion unexpectedly. Now the doctor assured me that it's not cancerous. Many thanks.

Mekhismom said...

I take dropping very, very seriously. I started with a goal of 50-100 drops and now I find myself doing 200 - on Monday I did 300!

iceah said...

not that much really but i do try because i don't want to just pass through i want to read too because it helps me grow and learn a lot of stuff and just like me alam ko pinaghirapan natin yung sinulat natin diba c: