Sep 23, 2008

I'm still alive and kicking!

My sister-in-law wondered why I haven't done any post lately. Well, there were just things to be done , and staying in front of the computer for a long time would not help at all.

My french morning class has begun and now my schedule is getting hectic, I have also enrolled in German language-though it will start in three weeks, added to this is my volunteer work in the theater, but that's not all--I was thinking of taking a night sewing class once a week. Am I pushing myself too much?

Who is taking care of baby K?

Karen's under the loving care of her Papa and Mami Mary(my mother) every morning. Maybe she's affected with all these changes because she wakes up at around 1 in the morning. It's not easy esp, when you have to get up early to do the homework and study, but I don't want to complain--this is my idea, and besides, hubby has his work/study load,too. Anyway, I hope to keep on posting, but I don't think that it would be as regular as before.


Anonymous said...

Hello my dear sister-in-law,
I was waiting for a message from you too!
Thanks for having spent time on it,
I wish you the best for your courses!



Anonymous said...

hello my dear sister-in-law,
tanks for the diary! I hope that baby K will soon be happy with papa and mother mary and wish you good and long sleeps in the future.
with love

Peter said...

Hi! You certainly have got your hands full with everything your doing. I've often thought of learning another language but I've never got around to doing it. Perhaps I'm just lazy! From what I see here, you're certainly not.

Take Care,

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Hey there, such a busy mum! I wish u then good luck with juggling everything = ) Hv a gd week ahead.