Nov 9, 2008

Sat.night with Noel Cabangon

He is no Piolo nor Sam* but Noel Cabangon charmed the Pinoys here in Geneva last night with his great voice and funny antics.I actually saw him performed for Balik-Aral a few years ago and last Friday afternoon while having a mug of chocolat chaud with hubby in Parc de Bastion, kuya Joseph approached us and told me about the concert. All the while, Noel was playing chess-the big ones on the ground- and his accompanist, Nikko Rivera was also there. We were introduced to him and I promised to see his concert.
The repertoire of his songs brought back memories and reminded me of life in the Philippines. There were 3 front acts,each has 3 songs which I think, are too much but in fairness they are talented artists. I just hope that the vocalist from the Martian Dream(a Filipino band of 4 young musicians) would articulate better next time. Honestly aside from the title, I didn't understand much of the lyrics,sorry! Was it my hearing or my age? But then again, they made me swing every now and then.
The concert which started at 7pm and ended at 11pm is well worth the price.

Piolo and Sam performed in another venue a week ago.


jules said...

just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog.. come check out mine sometime.

see you soon!

Tulsi said...

I saw you on BATW. My mom has lived in Switzerland for 22 years. She was in Puplange/Geneva and now she is on the other side of Lake Geneve. Her husband is from Geneva and went to primary school in the Old Town. I can't remember the Hamlet she is in now. We spent Christmas in Geneva in 2002. I loved Geneva. Especially the hot chocolate. They were digging under a church in Old Town when we were there.