Jan 31, 2009

Unusually me!!

First and foremost, I should confess that red meat isn't in the top list of my favorite food but hubby wanted to eat some for dinner. So he grilled them and then put the two slices in the oven for some minutes. With red rice and mustard, he had his steak rare. I couldn't really eat meat like that so I had to grill mine again but unlike my husband I had prepared my dip---fish sauce,lemon and some Tabasco. Well, I usually like mustard but this time I have to have my own concoction,lovingly sprinkling it ,too,in my plate of rice. Heaven!!

Tonight I have done a shameful act against the community of steak lover. I am guilty! Sorry but dipping my steak in fish sauce was just something I can't resist!! ;)

1 comment:

LOREN said...

Fish sauce for steak isn't a bad idea. I'm gonna try it myself! Maybe fish sauce with kalamansi maybe.