Feb 13, 2009

I'm not the nanny, I'm the Nanay!

Every now and then I take Karen to Cerf Volant, it's a place where in a child can play accompanied by an adult or mostly by his/her mother. Although she doesn't want to play yet with other children, I believe that it's a good way for her "to interact" with others. That goes the same thing for me, I would sometime talk to another mother but while majority of the Westeners in the playgroup look like their offspring that's not my case. Karen's features are mostly taken from her father--curly hair, fair skin,etc. Anyway, while some people could be discreet on asking if Karen's my daughter, others (mostly my compatriots) could not believe that she is really my daughter. This was one of experiences one afternoon while we were in Cerf Volant. A compatriot greeted me with a smile and asked me if I work full-time. Ugh! She thought that I was Karen's nanny!
I know that I am not an isolated case, but it felt weird having to deal with that comment. I could have replied how I carried her for 9 months, how difficult it was to breastfeed her during the first few weeks, how up until now she is waking up in the middle of the night,blah,blah,blah but I didn't feel so dramatic that day so I merely answered that I am the Nanay(mother) and besides, it's so obvious, we've got the same nose. ; )


mirage2g said...

I can totally relate. My kids took on their dad too, singkitin, I was once directly asked by a local "Sind Sie die Mutti?" Nagulat nung sabi ko ng,

Arya said...

Hi, Happy valentine day, have a great this time with your family, friends who close to you and beloved peoples. Take a good care.

liza said...

Sana inaway mo hehe(joke). But I like the way you answered her, ano reaksyon nya?

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear sister-in-law,

I don't feel that Karen looks like you only by the nose!
She has your hands and your feets and your eyes and you nice caracter too!!

Have you ever eared about white girls having babies with black men and, walking alone with their children, being asked by other people where their children are adopted from?
This would happen to my brother if he would not be so well known in Geneva..


The Becky said...

haha! I think you handled it quite well. :)

chanced upon your blog via your comment at missiggy's. thanks fro dropping by!

Umma said...

hahaha.. very normal Mommy..but I guess you handled it in a nice way.. Im impressed you were in a good mood to answer back that way hahaha..

siempre kakainis din di ba? Some people are not discreet in asking those kind of questions, instead why they dont reverse the question so they will not step on other toes, if in case..

cheh said...

hehe aliw nga sila buti na lang yung mga kuto ko este anak ko eh medyo may pagka pinoy ang mga mukha medyo bleach lang :D kaya bihira lang magpagkamalan.May kaibigan ako noong umuwi sa atin.Sa mall sa atin may lumapit modeling agent daw ata.Sabi daw,angganda naman ng alaga mo hahaha sabi ko sana sinapatos mo lol

Marites said...

some people can't just hold their tongue, ano? Should've observed first but it's admirable that you handled it well. Ako siguro, napagtaasan ko ng kilay:)

ryliej said...

It's different with my daughter coz she got my skin color and every time her dad will walk her around they would ask him if he adopt her. But now that she's growing up, she look more like her Dad. With my son, he got her dad's skin and eyes color but the face looks like me heheh..