Jan 22, 2010

The artist

How I love to draw and color when I was a kid. This was also heightened due to lack of television in our household until I was 10 years old.
My works encompassed girls with long hair and beautiful dresses, nipa hut, mountains and trees. With my cousins, I had used only Crayola crayons. Started with 8 colors then moved up to 16. I was hoping to own a big box but never had the chance to.
Now that Karen is into "fim"(film) I introduced her to coloring books and Crayola,so as to divert her interest from watching Nemo or Disney films for a long period of time.

Our first one is Finding Nemo coloring book. She managed to scrawl her crayons excitedly, but after a few strokes decided that it was more interesting to watch Squirt- the turtle. Oh, well...I guess she needs more time to appreciate my Crayola. In the meantime, it's up to me to  finish the noble task and give Nemo a proper orangey look.


Peter said...

G'Day Mayet! Glad to be here again after such a long time. BTW you never bug me, far from it!

Now, I haven't drawn a thing, not since my childhood days, when I would take to the walls and whatever else I could find with crayons and chalk. Mummies little dearest, I wasn't!

Take Care,

tiyahing mian said...

ihanda and pader, sahig at bed sheet