Jan 29, 2010

Images of the week in review

Just wonderful!! This week is filled with accomplishments, great time and discovery.

better late than never--my tulips in the pots,

Saturday in the open market! vin chaud and cider

this was supposed to be Karen's curtain but we moved, so I made it as her duvet cover instead,

now you see it...

now you don't!

and here's Erin who just roll on to her stomach.

Till next week.


Jessica said...

Nice week! Yum sangria and hot cider!

David DeWall said...

That is such a cute photo of Erin, just adorable!

tammy said...

Ahh, don't you just love those 30 seconds when the hamper is actually empty?!? :)

stopping by from Sits to hello!

tiyahing mian said...

sure hi id be doing the same in a couple of weeks.

emilyblazo said...

Good luck for your tulips, send me some photos when it sprout. Karen is really a doll. Bravo !