Jan 21, 2010

Thursday with Nanay

Oh, how I miss my dear husband on Thursday. He usually does the cooking at home and during this particular day he is not home for lunch. It's not that he still cook lunch after school, I just heat up anything left the night before or just cook some pasta dish. So it's just Karen and me on lunch time. While my eldest love pasta, I also want her to experience Nanay's cooking at the highest level---a two-year old girl can tell if you're a good one or not.Ha!

This is why starting today, Thursday would be a special cooking day for me.I still need to have an appropriate title for that,so in the meantime here's my first one:

Carrot and polenta soup
I'm not a polenta fan but this one turned out well for me. I wonder if Ms. Karen felt the same way.


Lourella said...

Mare .. cook some Filipino dishes for her.. .. let me congratulate you first for the job well done.. and good luck more healthy recipes for Karen and Erin...and also for hubby

Anonymous said...

ah, c'est génial je suis heureuse d'apprendre que le blog a recommencé gros bisous et bon courage pout le repassage.........

tiyahing mian said...

medyo may ngiwi pero mukhang okay naman buti soup no need to chew at direcho lunok na..wahahaha!!!!