Jan 18, 2010

We're home!!

We just got back from our 3-week vacation in the Philippines, still have jet lag and nursing nostalgia. Now the reality of life sets in and here I am with loads of work, cold weather and snow. How I wish to stay longer so that my siblings and I could catch with family news not just a two-hour dinner, that my daughters specially Karen could play more with her cousins,dance more to the tune of Nobody but You, converse in Tagalog and eat more rice(she's not into it, but somehow she ate a lot when we were in the Philippines), so that I could talk more with my Itay and he would learn more about my daughters. I wish, I wish... but thinking about it- the time spent with my family however short was full of meaning and as I write, the images of laughter, tears and love of that vacation flowed in bringing tears to my eyes. Great! Time's up--there's vacuuming to be done, and the girls are awake calling their Nanay(mother).

Well, till next vacation.

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