Mar 8, 2010

Just one of those nights

I locked the kitchen door and yet their crying penetrate the room. As I continue my knitting, my inner calm came back and so I went out to check on the girls.
It wasn't a quiet Sunday night--my eldest is sick and Erin is teething. The two were supposed to be asleep at this hour, but decided to get their Nanay's attention at the same time. I was tired and really upset, so after some time I decided to take a time out and found myself in the kitchen. That wasn't a bad idea after all. No, I didn't binge on chocolates but sat and knit.
As much as I love my girls there are times that I need to have a break so as to be more effective as a mother. There was guilt as I closed the kitchen door but controlling my emotions and not yelling nor bursting out crying because of frustration works for me.
It was a bit calm as I went out of the kitchen-Karen was fast asleep, still got a fever; Erin was faintly crying. I held her. She stopped. Smiled...and tomorrow's another day.

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