Apr 20, 2010

....and I need a new pair of shoes!!!

"Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.
Henry David Thoreau

It's not everyday that I got to spend time alone walking. That's why I try to take in what's around me. My mind wonders everywhere, for a short period of time I analyze what should be done and hope to do in my life.

As I found myself walking alone, I remembered what my SiL said the other day. The sky being clear of planes after Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland erupted. Honestly, I haven't really given that much attention and when I looked up--it's as if I have looked at the sky for the first time and realized how beautiful and clear it was, with cumulus clouds gathering around. It's true that there are times we tend to overlook little things which seems unimportant. Family and work obligations clouded our vision to look further and see them thoroughly and in the process forget that these seemingly less unimportant things are the ones which makes us creative and more in touch with ourselves and the others.

It was a lovely afternoon, flowers blooming everywhere-red/yellow tulips,daffodils! What a beautiful sight! I know that I am not the only one enjoying the wonders of nature. There are changes in people's attitude. More positive. Welcoming. Happy. It's amazing how a slight change of weather can affect us all. Back home, my sister was complaining on how terribly hot it is. I imagined her sitting under the shade of the big mango tree in front of our house, fanning her self, drinking a glass of iced tea while restraining the children from playing under the heat of the sun.

Though I let myself take this all in, my allergy is getting in the way. This also cause me not to garden for a long period of time. I ought to get some medicine next year when I'm done breastfeeding my youngest.

I smiled as I walk trying hard not to think if everything's alright with my girls and their father. Somehow I will get used to the idea of my "me time" and yes, I still need a new pair of shoes because I intend to walk more and savor the wonderful things around me.


Anonymous said...

the first "me time" experience without my kids and hubby was a mixed feeling of anciousness and obligation. thinking if my husband and kids will be okay for that hour i'll be gone and thinking that i should oblige myself to let them do their thing without me...even just for an hour. And now that i am used having a little time for myself every now and then, i can see that my hubby and children are also having fun! courage for the next ones insan you need it! wneng

Anonymous said...

I agree, ate mayet!Walking alone by yourself is always wonderful, we are lucky that we can have that moment of time.You appreciate all the things that you can see tiny or grand, shapes, colours, smell of the air,touch of the wind: We really can say we are Lucky!

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Good for you taking the time for youself. God knows we moms need it! :)

Thanks for coming by my blog. I'll be back here soon for sure!

Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

Rebecca said...

How beautiful! It is spring here and it is SO glorious. I am soaking up all the green and colorful things, too. :D

Thanks for visiting me today. :)

JENIE=) said...

i would love to have a "me time" real soon! I'm planning to, this weekend. That after 4 longs years, I'd like to go malling alone, sit and enjoy my favorite seattle's brew, and love the afternoon all to myself =)

oooh im so excited already!

Anonymous said...

time for yourself is important too... sometimes i look at my mom... i can feel how tired she is. Now most of the time, it's my job doing all the chores.

Anonymous said...

Reading what you've written yetma and the comments bring me back what i been experienced when my kiddos was still very small. There is no doubt that I love my kids more than my life but there were a time when i needed to breath a fresh air. My time was saturday morning...I woke up early and sneak out of the house while everybody still asleep. I have nowhere to go since its early, I just drove my CRV away from home with a loud music on it...just me in the car...I had a great moment.

McVal said...

I'm so jealous that you get "me time"! Someday!... And I love your pic.