Apr 5, 2010

Cars and memories

He found this while clearing the garden and happily gave it to his daughter. I looked at this toy and imagined how it brought my husband joy as a child. Then my thoughts turned to the mini car my cousins and I used to play with when we were young.It was blue and we somehow took our turn to be pushed and went round and round the front yard.There were so much fun and laughter amidst the dust caused by never-ending running and pushing. We were sharing not only this beat down blue car but also a precious time together. And yes-we took turn without hesitation nor grudge because we have learned to be patient otherwise we would not be able to ride and be pushed again.

Those were the days! but I can still hear laughter and feel the heat of the sun. I could see how uncomplicated our world had been, how as youngters we enjoyed ordinary things and not worry. We were living in that moment and without knowing it this blue car was shaping our lives. We laughed at simple thing, we played, we shared and we created a special moment.

How about you? Any car and memory to share?


Anonymous said...

Hello my sister-in-law!
I remember very well this car, and I remember it belonged to my brother as if he was playing with it yesterday.
I just wonder who left it in the garden and by which miracle it appeared again after more than 30 years.
Some people find eggs in april, some other find memories.



Mayet said...

How true!

"Some people find eggs in april, some other find memories".

Those memories are something which can make us realize that life can be simple and uncomplicated if we want to.

Maria said...

Hello there....

Really you cannot imagine things. Its wonderful to remember all the memories. But sometimes it hurts and on the other side its full of happiness. Medyo napaluha nga ako eh, siguro mga marami din akong hidden memories.

Kisses to Karen n Erin

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Lots of fun toys, fun memories. Just Saturday, my old army men were a big hit! Our dad made a jeep for us that 4 could ride in at once while two pushed. It was great! I'm sure your daughter will enjoy that truck too.

Here's the link to my jeep post:

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