Apr 4, 2010


As I write this,the whole family back home are surely resting after a day of celebration for my father's 60th birthday. He was born on the 2nd of April- the feast day of St. Francis of Paola. Honestly, I never heard of the latter.
I just thought that my grandmother used a saint's name for my father so I google searched the saints who has Francis or Francisco for a name and found the word ageing isn't easy. This might cause some raised eyebrows but this is my sentiment.

Itay(father) or Pang(for close friends) had been a single parent after my Mama left to work abroad during the 80's. I bet it wasn't easy to care for 4 children but he did it. He was our guide and our light while growing up and though my parents have their differences I can speak no ill of him. He is not perfect but he was there for us and I'm sure despite anything, my siblings and his grandchildren share my feelings--I love him so much.

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Ho it's so cute...