Apr 26, 2010

My precious time

I complain about my time...of not having much... not using it well...or the lack of it. Yes, I even added the fact that having 2 young girls in my charge took most of my time.The latter is maybe half true but although having small children can be overwhelming it is just a part of the whole story. There's housework, plants to water, garden to tend, lesson to study, homework to finish etc.etc. I even said that there's no time to exercise. I can go on and on because the list is endless. Alright, there's  24 hours and I use the quarter of this sleeping.  So tell me why do I complain?

Complaining makes it easier not to face the important things to be done (which in a real sense means that I am in my lazy mode). It can keep me away from pressing matters and I can go on with my day  accomplishing some stuff. Yes, SOME STUFF and that's it. The essentials are left behind, kept away for another day because "there's not much  time". Then I came to a point where I complain that I always complain. Are you following me? Anyway, at least I can still have time to analyze this. See, I have so much time and just not making use of it.

The Great Awakening
As I get tired of my "time mismanagement" I decided to do something about it.
First is to change my thinking and face the real reasons behind it, which are:

  • not being able to identify my priority.
  • becoming engrossed in a new project.
  • fear of not doing it right or failing.
  • I am being utterly lazy.

It's not that easy to admit these to myself but in doing so, the first step in managing my time well has begun.

...to be continued.


Ma What's 4 dinner said...

You're right, the first step is admitting you have a problem. :) There is never enough time in a day!

Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner?

Anne said...

I attended a great seminar on time management. Unfortunately, I only implemented what I learned for a few weeks. Then life came and took over. I should probably try to implement them again.

rhoda_macapagal1024 said...

Better be busy than be bored ! Not having enough time means you're too busy enjoying every moment w/ yr pretty girls. I can only imagine those single gals who envy yr "not having enough time" kind of life. It's like income taxes, people complain that they pay more & more taxes every year but I don't. If I pay more taxes each year, it only means that I get richer every year, don’t you agree? Same with time, not having enough time for other things only means that you're too occupied having fun in your family life. You are aware of the "Secret", focus on the positive side of each situation. Therefore, enjoy motherhood & marriage to the fullest, they're one of the most fulfilling stages in our lives.

I always say that my life began when I met Yann in 1995 & started appreciating life in 1999, the year Chris was born. There are times that Chris is a real pain in the a... (where the sun don't shine)! But he gives so much pride in the family & I strongly believe that he will be one of my chances of becoming a millionaire one day !

To hell w/ laundry & ironing, continue having a great time w/ yr girls while they're growing up. Ang tagal mo silang hinintay, hello ?

PS How could you really complain about not having enough time when you obviously have time updating your blog ;-) which btw, I find really cute. Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Hi Mamma M,
I feel that priority is taking care of your child/children. Then managing your money as best as possible with a family while being able to enjoy some of it for you and your man. any other thing is secondary....now you know how i more or less prioritize my time :)

Mayet said...

hi! Roda,
that's exactly my point--being engrossed into something(updating Blog) that's not necessarily the priority of the day. I have to sched my time here and do other things.

My complaining about time turned out to be positive coz I am learning to prioritize.

thanks for stopping by!

Author's Blog said...

Thanks for your visit and comment left. Happy blogging and keep in touch!

Rachel said...

You know, I used to complain a lot that gradschool is so stressful, and that it's talking so much of my time away from exercising and reading fiction. Now that school's over, guess what? I haven't started exercising or reading my novels! I guess I was just making up excuses! :p