May 25, 2010

A date with Jose Rizal

Today is an exciting day for me so I got rid of my pink jogging pants and hello! black pants. Anyway, I assumed that my daughter would be a bit restless so she was in her pushchair. My friend was already among the the people who was present on today's inauguration of Jose Rizal's new plaque at rue du Rhone. Mayor Pagani was already doing his speech when we arrived.After the Philippine Ambassador's speech we headed to the reception. The food was good but I could feel my friend's apprehension. I was also feeling uneasy. But I was telling myself that I was with my fellow Filipinos and we were all there because of one thing---Jose Rizal---our national hero.

I was hoping to see familiar faces but aside from a nun and an acquaintance most of them came from Bern. We never got to mingle and talk with others. Nevetheless, I have enjoyed the food and the company of a friend and my daughter.

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cheri said...

wow, rizal has a plaque there?! well, the guy's been everywhere...

thanks for stopping by my blog :)