May 26, 2010

A walk in the city

It has been quite a while since I arrived in Geneva and the city never ceases to amaze me. But now that we are living in another municipality--half an hour tram ride-- every outing is somekind of special excursion specially for my eldest who would say "wow!" to everything that she sees like a truly village girl that she is now.

Our recent family outing was not an exception and though it was drizzling, off we went and headed to the city. I thought the weather would deter many people from taking a walk but I was mistaken. Though shops were closed, cafés and fastfood restos were open.

I must say that we rarely eat at fastfood restaurant but on this particular day, my small family went to SwissMeal. Hubby and I agreed that the hamburger is better than McDo.

The rain stopped. The girls were tired. Then it was time to leave and go back to our quiet neighborhood. We have enjoyed the day.

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Khim said...

that was a nice family bonding...

have a good week...