May 17, 2010

I'm no Victoria Beckham

It seems that everyone I know is into high heel shoes. Stiletto, wedge, pumps, etc. There are so many kinds and really gorgeous but I avoid them like a plague.
Why? because I never get to be so comfortable in them.That's why I am always in awe whenever I see someone who walks gracefully in high heels and I do admire my friends who wear them with great ease. I recently saw this woman who was wearing a 4-inch stiletto heels platform sandals. They were really awesome, the kind Victoria Beckham wears, but goodness I just can't imagine myself wearing them. Anyway, as we were both waiting for the same bus I approached and complimented her on the sandals. I even asked her if she wasn't having a hard time walking in them. Apparently, she wasn't and prefers them because they made her taller.

Moi? No way! I can't walk in high heels. A few years ago we attended a party and I wore a pair of knee high boots with 2 inch heels. Within 2 minutes of walking I gave up, luckily I had my flats. Yes, I always bring one, just in case something like that arise. Wheww! I was saved. From then on I stick to flat shoes and sandals.

But there are times when I dream of wearing them. It would be like a new Me--sashaying my way to the grocery store while pushing my girls in their pushchair and skates. not.'m tall but I am taller now.


I guess, I'll stick to my dreams.


kat said...

ouch..4 inches?? no way...2 to 3 is okay but not all day...haha

rhoda_macapagal1024 said...

I'm loving your blog, so cute...

For the high heels, well, I am just like the lady you saw in the bus: I love wearing high heels (kase I'm not considered tall "here" and I'm sure I don't need to tell you na in the Phils, I'm considered very tall na). Atsaka, I am not comfortable wearing flats and I totally avoid them talaga, only thongs for summer and that's it.

You know it's funny kase nag deliver ako today with my 5-inch heels (same pair that I was wearing when I saw you at Phoebie's). A pinoy driver saw me, a kapampangan, kala siguru may anak akong nag aaral sa super prestigious school na yon, kasi he said, "whoa, where are you going dressed like that?" And I said, "hello, frozen goods delivery girl ako noh, hindi lang obvious pero shrimps ang dala ko!!"

And Posh, don't we just love her? I mean, seriously, she's the ultimate fashion icon, kahit naka marcel lang sya and boyfriend jeans with thongs, she looks amazingly fabulous !

Forget the high heels, you're so tall na, hello? Your kids might want to wear them in the future, sa kanila kana lang mag dream, he, he. Kase ako if I want to wear something na hindi bagay sa akin (mostly kasi hindi kasya:-((, I get the same thing at the kids' section & I make my girls wear them. Bulit, the smallest of the twins, actually loves wearing heels and she will have her very first, real high heels next week (wedge). She is overly excited to wear them! She is my own version of Suri Cruise:-)

Ah, don't we just love motherhood?

Cheers !

Dhemz said...

not really into that mami kat...oks na sakin yung 2-3...ehehhe...I prefer wearing wedges than heels....:)

cheri said...

wow, your a pinay mom in switzerland? cool. hay, ang init sa pilipinas. i know, i keep saying it.

when i was working, i wore a very nana-like 2-inch heels to work. i always sprain my ankle so that's the best that i can manage. besides, why wear 4-inch heels when you're running after a 2-year-old? may yaya yun.

thanks for stopping by my blog. ingat :)

Jing said...

I feel you! I really really want to wear high heels pero ayaw talga nila saken e!haha.wedges ok pa but not stilettos. :)